Heritage Breeds

Heritage breeds have been developed and nurtured for millennia. Humans selected crops that would thrive where we needed them, while providing us with better nutrients and more flavorful food. We developed animals that would coexist with us; breeds that produced more of what we needed while being gentler, easier to work with, and easier to raise.

Protecting the variety of these traditional (and now rare) breeds protects us, as humans, from the potential devastation of blights, invasive pests, natural disasters and energy crises.

The modern ag-industry produces many valuable marvels; but, in neglecting to maintain our diversified seed bank and in mass-marketing only exclusive, specialized products of their selection, the mega-business abandons the keys to success: freedom and preparedness for the future.

Homesteads preserve the hardy and efficient breeds, safe for children to interact with, requiring only minimal inputs to sustain them. Mosby's Secret Sidehill Farm raises, and promotes, endangered heritage breeds, such as Ancona ducks, Finnsheep, Oberhasli Dairy Goats and American Guinea Hogs.

Check our blog for details on the varieties of animals and plants that we nurture here on our homestead, and email us for availability of breeding stock, trained milk does and ewes, trained livestock guardian dog pups, plant starts and butchering hogs.

For more information on heritage livestock, please visit http://www.livestockconservancy.org/ and for more on heritage crops, http://www.southernexposure.com/