Dairy Goats

Nigerian Dwarf x Oberhaslis

We are proud to participate in the breeding of miniature Oberhasli dairy goats (mini-Obers). Our long-term breeding goal is to have a herd of petite, parasite-resistant, polled mini-Obers who produce good amounts of extra sweet milk. We practice intensive, rotational grazing and FAMACHA parasite monitoring.

Our goats are sweet, intelligent and so entertaining! They often play like puppies, romping and playing tag, even when they're full-grown. Their milk is sweet and nutty in flavor, and our does (female goats) are trained to jump up onto the stanchion when it's milking time. Check out our Raw Milk Herdshare to secure your weekly milk supply throughout the milk season. Goat milk is SEASONAL and is not available in winter.

In order to breed mini-Obers, we keep some purebred Oberhaslis and the occasional Nigerian Dwarf goat. Standard Oberhasli goats are medium-sized, quiet and friendly. They work very well with human companions, so if you want a couple weed-eating pets who will keep your yard free of vines, email us to inquire about pet wethers! Our goats give birth each spring; after we decide which kids to keep, we list the remaining kids for sale.

Pack Goats

For hiking/goat-packing, Oberhaslis and Ober-crosses are a great choice, because they have the least fear of crossing water. Miniature Oberhaslis are a perfect fit for the hobby hiker who just wants a smaller hiking buddy who can help haul a little of the camp gear. Our mini-Ober wethers typically reach 80-100lbs, and when trained, they can carry up to 25% of their own weight. They make adorable pets and walk well on leash (like dogs but without the need to pick up poop, or carry food for them, as they will snack along the trail). If you need help training your pet goat, we're on hand to help and offer advice. We also periodically keep a couple wethers and start their training ourselves, so let us know if you're looking for a started pack goat.