Mosby's Secret Sidehill Farm


Mosby's Secret Sidehill Farm is a small, woman-owned & operated homestead farm in Amherst County, Virginia. We focus on using sustainable, historical methods of agriculture and forestry to create unique homestead products. We also offer lessons and workshops on fiber arts, primitive skills, historical woodcrafts and permaculture.


Integrated biodiversity makes for a complete ecosystem! Our farm includes:

  • Heritage, gluten-free perennial food crops

  • Miniature Oberhasli Dairy Goats

  • Finnsheep, or "Finnish Landrace" sheep

  • American Guinea Hogs

  • Ancona Ducks

  • Livestock Guardian Dogs

  • Medicinal herbs and dye plants

  • A variety of homemade, traditional craft items, including soaps, syrups, cold-press oils, hand-combed wool roving, handspun threads & yarns, and hand-woven wool fabrics.

Oberhasli dairy goats are beautiful and friendly.


Weaver/spinner/history-nerd/farmer Sadb started the farm in 2012, pursuing her passion for reconstructing history, hands-on. Besides traditional homesteading and livestock, her interests include medieval archaeology, primitive skills, prehistoric material culture, spinning, weaving, traditional soap making, gluten-free baking and calligraphy & illumination. You can see her personal SCA blog at

In 2014, Chris signed on to become a part of the sustainable farm goal, and in 2017 he started his own consulting business, Stoffel's Sustainable LLC, so that he could work full time with the farming & education business.

Both also participate in experimental archaeology through the international medieval reenactment group, the Society for Creative Anachronism.


Located in the rural mountains of central Virginia, the farm sits on a rise along the side of Mt. Pleasant, an easy drive from Lexington, VA (on I-81), an hour from Roanoke, VA and Charlottesville, VA and 30 minutes from Lynchburg, VA. Sweet Briar College is only fifteen minutes away, and the Appalachian Trail crosses Rt 60 ten minutes away in the opposite direction.

The farm relocated in late 2015 from its original site along Dutchman's Creek in northwestern Virginia, where it acquired its name from Col. John S. Mosby. The Civil War guerrilla cavalryman hid horses in a cave along Dutchman's Creek, near the original farmhouse--thus the farm was named, Mosby's Secret Valley. The new location is higher in the mountains, thus prompting the name change from Valley to Sidehill. At the new farm, there are lovely views of the Blue Ridge mountains, including Mount Pleasant, along with a mature forest of oaks, hickory and other nut trees, a small creek and a hidden spring.

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