Fiber Arts Tools

Fiber Arts Tools

See our blog for photos and details about our handmade fiber arts tools: distaffs, wool combs, spindles, whorls, weaving tablets, backstrap looms, beaters, shuttles, braiding bobbins, etc. We offer museum quality historical reproductions for the serious experimental archaeologist, and for display, as well as more basic tools for the new spinner or weaver.

Email to request local, private lessons in combing, spinning, using a distaff, historical weaving and bobbin braiding!

Braiding Bobbins

Bobbin braiding, also called whipcord, is a fun and fast way to make laces, box braids, and other beautiful cordage. One of the easiest fiber arts to learn!

Terracotta Whorls

Historically processed clay, pit-fired and burnished, to make you custom whorls for your historical spindles. Email with your preferences for historical culture and time period.

Primitive Looms

Learn to weave with neolithic technology! Backstrap and upright looms are amazingly compact and intuitive.