At Mosby's Secret Sidehill Farm, we carry small quantities of homestead products in a variety of categories:

  • Wool: hand-shorn, naturally raised and home-processed wool fiber from our Finnsheep

  • Fiber Arts Tools: handmade spindles, distaffs, wool combs, weaving tablets, bobbins, etc

  • Scribal Materials: parchment, pigments, binders, boar bristles, etc

  • Soaps & Herbs: homemade pioneer soap, simple bar soap, luffa sponges, dried herbs

  • Medicinal & Dye Plants: perennial garden plants for the homestead potager, apothecary or dye garden

Pickup and Shipping:

As a small business with a focus upon sustainability, the majority of our sales are handled locally and in person, with pickup or delivery options in the area surrounding Amherst, Virginia. Lessons and workshops are, of course, exclusively local.

Shipping is available for certain craft and shelf-stable items, including most of our craft supplies. However, live plants are generally limited to local pickup or delivery, as with all livestock and livestock guardian dog sales. If you are interested in buying from us but live at a distance, please get in touch; we may be able to coordinate to meet with you, but this is highly dependent. Please respect the limits of our small, local business. Thank you!

See our blog for further information on specific permaculture products.