American Guinea Hogs


We breed registered American Guinea Hogs, who are known for their gentle tempers, moderately small and manageable size, excellent foraging skills and tasty curing meats. For us, they make wonderful composters and garden tillers! We select for good mothering abilities, hardiness and good coats in winter, and foraging traits that allow them to live off the land without supplemental grain in the verdant months.

The American Guinea Hog (Thomas Jefferson's favorite breed of homestead pig) produces both lard and flavorful pork in the most natural way possible, foraging.

We keep our pigs on pasture or in our mature hardwood forest year-round, to allow them to graze, root and eat acorns the way that pigs should. This slow-growing breed reaches oven-roaster size in one year, or freezer size after two years (each 100 to 200 pound butchering hog dresses out between 30 to 60 pounds of meat, soup bones and lard). The pork is packed with flavor and raised naturally, without hormones, without antibiotics or dewormers, without vaccines or steroids; just pure, simple meat like your grandmother knew it.

We sell just a few butchering hogs each winter, after the fall acorn crop is finished. Hogs are sold live for $100 to $200, depending on their size, and custom butchering is $50 ($75 if you prefer skin-on, scalded & scraped, as for pit-roasting). Butchering includes cuts of pork separated and packed in freezer paper, ready for pickup.

Email to reserve your own custom-butchered pastured pork this winter!