Scribal Materials


Historical manuscripts were written upon parchment or vellum, a rawhide product made from stretched and sanded ruminant skin, which accepted both ink and paint. It could be reused, or folded, or sewn into books or rolled into scrolls. Because it was cheaper, easier to make, and easier to use than papyrus, parchment democratized the art of reading and writing.

We offer custom sheets of parchment, in a variety of thicknesses and finish qualities, to suit projects from small book binding pages to large (approx. 4' x 5') wall maps and various display needs in between. Email us with details about your project and dimensions, to order your custom sheets of parchment. We use authentic historical methods of parchment-making, so the product you receive is museum-reproduction quality, as well as a natural and sustainable, eco-friendly art medium.


We also offer homemade egg glair (including aged glair), vine black powder, ground earth pigments, boar bristles and other scribal materials. Browse through our blog for more details.